In 1967, Nagaraya Cracker Nuts and Kabaya Pretzels were introduced in the Philippines by a small, enterprising company. Nagaraya Cracker Nuts originally came and were sold in one flavour, Butter — while Kabaya Pretzels (Sweet-Mini Pretzels) were offered in two flavours, Butter and Sugar-coated.



In 1982, Nagaraya Cracker Nuts are now available in five savoury flavours — Original (Butter), Adobo, Barbecue, Garlic and Hot & Spicy — while Nagaraya Sweet-Mini Pretzels attract a sweet-toothed consumers with its Sugar-coated and Chocolate-coated variants.


The year 1986, the packaging also evolved — from handy carton packs of the early years to the modern shelf-stable and flexible-type packaging — to continually ensure product freshness and affordability. The products are made available in various sizes, to suit various eating occasions and continued affordability and value to a wide market spectrum.



The year 1991 marked a milestone for the brand with its first major TV advertising campaign for the cracker nut line. The theme “Go Nuts With The Crunch” was so successful all the way to the present, contributing to healthy growth for FII during the period. The products have also made their way overseas and are usually found in Filipino or Asian grocery outlets in numerous foreign countries.


In the year 2001, both products were consolidated under the Nagaraya brand franchise. A new Nagaraya brand logo and a more contemporary, updated packaging for both products were introduced to reflect the change.



The present growth and success of the Nagaraya brand from its humble origins 50 years ago speak volumes about the manner in which consumers have and continue to be enamoured with the wholesome goodness, superior quality and tastiness of all its products.